A corporate image reflects onto all other promotional mediums . 


A strong corporate image from the start filters down into all other areas, granting you an easier path for continuity and integration in future development projects. 

The process of design with your corporate image requires an intimate knowledge of your business. This information conveyed to the designer, who in turn reproduces this as a visual format. 

In order for toast to design a concept, we need to liaise with one of your key business partners who defines where to start with the correct direction ingredient.  This will give your company a unique, professional identity. Your design brief is paramount to the end product and the designer will work with you and guide you to create this brand.  

Maintaining the integrity of your public image is an inseparable part of your business, whether you’re a multinational or a small company. 




Your corporate identity sets a base standard for all areas in your promotional streams. 


Design is at the core of all the media used today. 


Good Design and a vast knowledge of digital mediums compliment all areas of your business. The basis of all good design and successful promotion stems from this discipline. Toast develops a digital layout before embarking on any project. This helps convey the intention and helps identify the consumer who will interact with the design module.


Toast will design layout and content to clearly convey the presentation of the product and create promotional incentives to capture the client's interest and following.

Stationery - letterheads, envelopes, invoicing, labels, guarantees, instructional labels.

Toast will design clear, concise branding that enforces your professional identity.

Print runs can expose you as a non eco-friendly business but if used correctly with minimal wastage, they are still very effective.


The print medium can still be a complimentary tool for business in this day and age of the internet.



Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation.


Sales training or business development are vital to growth.

Setting up staff with no training will cost the company more than having staff that are confident with the programs from day one.

The training can be reduced if held  “in house” and on-going remotely, as needed.




• Better employee morale and stronger retention of staff.

• Less chance of bad habits and breakdown of policy.

• Improved customer satisfaction.

• Increased revenue through more efficient use of programs and systems.

• With a better understanding of the software , the ability to improve systems.

• Wage cost reduction due to less down time and wasted billable hours.



Skills development in any organisation is as important as any marketing strategy.